Here at Legacy 90.1 FM we have found ourselves having to adapt quickly to our new pandemic world.

When lockdown was imminent, we sprang into action getting our DJs and broadcasters set up to work from home. Our radio schedule isn’t 24 hours a day as it usually is but we think we’ve done pretty good, with the support of our amazing presenters to keep broadcasting from 7am until 1.30am every weekday and 7am until 3.30am over the weekend throughout.

We’re trying to look ahead to when we can get our DJs back into the station safely, but the changing landscape of the virus is holding things back somewhat. As I write this blog, we are waiting for an announcement from Boris Johnson about whether we will have to go back into lockdown for a couple of weeks.

Anyone who listens to Legacy will know that discussion, debate, and interviews play a big part in our normal schedule. We tackle all the topical issues and work hard to give our listener community, and the wider African and Caribbean communities a voice. We also host health shows in partnership with professionals who offer advice to people who call in with health concerns.

The hardest part of the pandemic for us is not being able to run those shows where people can call in and talk things through. African Caribbean people have been disproportionately affected by the virus and many families are grieving their lost loved ones. If there was ever a time where our community radio station needed to be able to talk to our listeners, it’s now but live discussion is the one part of our programming that is difficult to do remotely, especially as many of our DJs are volunteers and simply don’t have the equipment to broadcast a live discussion show.

We are working on it though and as soon as we can do it safely, we will bring back our discussion shows and book some professional advisors to help us all recover. Stay tuned in and we’ll let you know as soon as we can bring back these programmes. We need to get our listeners’ experiences into the national debate about the way the pandemic has been handled.

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