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Natural Mystic

Dr Hotpepper

Lady C

Stevie Street

Michael H

Watch and listen to our DJs - Denise Southworth, Natural Mystic, Michael H, DJ Hotpepper, Lady C, Stevie Street and one of our long time listeners, John, talk about our Go Fund Me campaign and what Legacy means to them.

Click over to our testimonials page to hear June, Marika, Anne-Marie, Dionne and Paul talk about why they listen to Legacy 90.1FM.

Black History Month

Amidst campaigning for Black Lives Matter, lobbying to have Black history acknowledged and taught in schools and fighting for equality of opportunity across the board, we want to stop for a month and celebrate those Black people who have overcome it all to achieve great success in their field. Black people have achieved in every sphere of life in Manchester and across the UK and continue to achieve at the highest levels of society. We want to bring 31 of them to your attention.

To find out how we're doing this, click here

Adapting to Change at Legacy

Here at Legacy 90.1 FM we have found ourselves having to adapt quickly to our new pandemic world.

When lockdown was imminent, we sprang into action getting our DJs and broadcasters set up to work from home. Our radio schedule isn’t 24 hours a day as it usually is but we think we’ve done pretty good, with the support of our amazing presenters to keep broadcasting from 7am until 1.30am every weekday and 7am until 3.30am over the weekend throughout. To read more on our Blog page, click here