Legacy 90.1FM is a non-profit making community radio station bringing music, information, advice and education to African and Caribbean communities.

We need support, both financial and in-kind, to help us grow to reach our full potential and to thrive as a station committed to its community.

Next time you decide to support a good cause (and we know there are lots of good causes to choose from) will you consider supporting your community radio station, Legacy 90.1FM.

We can do lots of good with a small amount of money:

  • Amplifying Black voices
  • Training the next generation of broadcasters
  • Supporting grassroots talents across the genres of music of Black origin
  • Informing people about the services available to them
  • Raising the profile of community projects and events
  • and much, much more…
Take a look at the different ways you can support Legacy 90.1FM:

Are you a business looking to support a local organisation that serves the African and Caribbean community?

Look no further!

Community radio offers a host of benefits to its partners including free or discounted advertising, a raised profile and a reputation as a caring company.

Contact us for a copy of our 2022 media pack.

Raise funds with family and friends – each person pays a little but it adds up to a lot for us.

We can help you promote your fundraising event and spread the word on our social media.

Give us images of your event and we will put them on the fundraising page of our website.

Take a look at the A-Z of Fundraising Ideas page for inspiration

Why not give up smoking or make a lifestyle change and donate any savings to Legacy 90.1FM.

Supporting a community radio station supports the people in your community who rely on radio for information.

Often these are people who can’t afford broadband or can’t get online – they need the radio like the rest of us need our phones.

Help us to support them on air everyday.

Here’s how you can donate to or sponsor Legacy 90.1FM

Use the contact form to let us know you want to donate to us.

BACS: Barclays Bank, Sort Code: 20-55-41; Account No: 10652601

For individual and community fundraising donations.