Our Sponsorship Packages

Are you a business interested in building social capital?

Looking for a sponsorship partner who cares about its local community and is actively involved?

Look no further - our sponsorship package has been created to make it easy for you to sponsor us.

We are interested in talking to local businesses who might want to support us but don't have a great deal of spare cash. We are also interested in medium to large businesses who want a sponsorship partner who is in touch with the community. We are looking for mutually beneficial sponsorship partnerships that help both you and us thrive.

As a community radio we have a finger on the pulse of our local listenership and reach a wider audience via our streaming channels. There is a place for community radio in reaching people who are considered hard to reach. We reach those people who are not online, those who are housebound and those who care about what's going on locally. We also reach the 25-34 year age group who are working professionals with money to spend.

There is also perception to consider. Becoming a Legacy 90.1FM sponsor ticks quite a few boxes. You will be supporting a Black led organisation that can reach people of all ages in the Black community. Perception of you as a socially responsible company or organisation will grow and you will be invited to events Legacy is involved in (once it is safe to do so) where you can meet potential customers. You and your staff will also have access to discounted broadcasting and radio production training, giving you the skills to create vibrant and dynamic marketing campaigns.

A sponsorship partnership with Legacy 90.1FM might be your first step to a more prosperous future.


Go to our contact page for details of how to contact us or connect with us on social media.