How your donation helps us

Fundraising for Legacy 90.1FM is easy and fun.

Over the years, Legacy 90.1 has been involved in a whole host of community initiatives across a range of issues that had a negative impact on the communities which it serves. The station was involved in annual community events and projects, either supporting partners or campaigning for change in the following areas:

  • Health campaigns such as cancer, blood drives and sickle cell awareness
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Response to the Windrush scandal
  • Youth issues including knife crime
  • Manchester job and educational opportunities
  • Food bank and school uniform drives


Before the pandemic Legacy 90.1 was a growing station, widening its reach and raising its profile within the commercial media sector which was a positive step in giving African Caribbean voices an opening within mainstream media. It was a station that was expanding and had a bright future.

Then the pandemic struck and the relationships we were building faltered. The media industry and the African Caribbean community took a huge hit socially, with many families grieving lost loved ones, and economically as the industry came screeching to a halt.

We ran a Go Fund Me campaign, Love Legacy - Recovery Campaign which raised £4127 in 2021. The wonderful people who donated to this campaign helped us survive Covid and start rebuilding our community work. Our first project was a series of discussion shows, Let's Talk to discuss the impact that the pandemic had on the African and Caribbean community in Manchester. You can find out more about this project by clicking here.

Community radio plays an important role in providing information, advice, entertainment, and comfort to people in worrying times like this. Older people are less likely to have social media, so they rely on the radio more than others.

It is also more important than ever for us to get African and Caribbean voices into wider debates and to support movements such as Black Lives Matter, so they don’t lose momentum. To this end, we are hosting community shows in late 2023 and the early part of 2024 including 18 cost of living shows and 6 shows where we have an honest discussion about the issues around blood donation in our community.

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Support our community work

If you would like to donate monthly or as a one-off donation, please use the SUPPORT US button on our website. The button appears on every page.

Your donations help us to get involved in community projects in partnership with schools and community groups in the areas surrounding the station. Some of the projects we have been involved in include:

  • Opening the station to receive food donations from the community on behalf of foodbanks
  • Helping parents to buy school uniforms when their circumstances make this difficult
  • Supporting and campaigning on topical issues that affect our community
  • Working with a range of professionals to give people information and advice on health, education, benefits, getting a job and much more.

If you can't fundraise for us, take a look at other ways you can support Legacy 90.1FM.