Zora Neale Hurston        Yewande Akinola        Wilma Rudolph        Williams Sisters        Victor Olisa        venus williams        Ursula Burns        Toni Morrison        Sir William Atkinson        Sir Keith Ajegbo        Serena Willams        Sam Toure        Samantha Tross        Rosemary Campbell-Stephens        Rosa Parks        Queen Latifah        PASTOR AGU IRUKWU        Pastor Agu Irukwu        Pamela McCauley-Bush     Ozwald Boateng      Otis Boykin         Oprah Winfrey         President Barrack Obama         Nwabueze Nwokolo         Nelson Mandela         Nanny of the Maroons       Mohammed Ali     Mrs.  Edwards       Mrs. L.  Dacocodiaa         Morgan Freeman         Maya Angelou         Mary Seacole         Martin Luther King         Marie M Daly         Marcus Garvey         Malcom X        Madame CJ Walker       Louise Bennett      Lonnie George Johnson    Ken Olisa  Kath locke        Karen Blackett        Kanya King        James Brown        Jamal Edwards        India Gary-Martin        Harriet Tubman        Halle Berry        Errol Douglas        ella-fitzgerald        Diane Julie Abbot        Diane Abbott        Darren Campbell        Condoleezza Rice        Charlene White        Bob Marley        Baroness Valerie Ann Amos


These people Inspire, Educate and Uplift Black History and Culture.

Legacy 90.1FM salutes you.


Legacy 90.1 FM Launch

Welcome to Legacy 90.1 FM! Team Legacy would like to welcome you to our new website and radio station. Changes have been made so we now hope to cater and please the community as much as we can. We are creating partnerships and links with local businesses and other organisations within the community, In order to deliver a successful service like no other. Legacy will be […]