Dj Lighta finishes 9th in the International Reggae Poster Competition 2018.         Scientist the Dub Enforcer- I decided to come up with my own concept whilst incorporating some of the old album covers released in the 80’s on Greensleeve Records.   Most of the old albums of Scientist have bad guys on the cover. I […]

All the Dub and Junglist massive can catch DJ Lighta performing at this year’s One Love Festival; one of Europe’s biggest music festivals.  Click the link below to get more information on the festival. DJ Lighta – One Love Festival    

Hopeton Overton Brown Aka Scientist is a true legend, he took dub reggae to a completely different level. Trained and mentored by the late, great, lamented King Tubby, he blew the scene into smithereens with his knowledge, skill and complete understanding of the mixing desk. Back for 2017 with a brand new album “The Untouchable”, […]

Welcome to Legacy 90.1 FM! Team Legacy would like to welcome you to our new website and radio station. Changes have been made so we now hope to cater and please the community as much as we can. We are creating partnerships and links with local businesses and other organisations within the community, In order to […]

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